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How much will it cost? How much money will I make? Find out the answer to these questions --- and more --- in this section!

You'll find several, easy-to-use interactive calculators where you can try out many scenarios. We hope these financial tools help you make smarter investment decisions.

To begin, simply select the desired calculator and key in the values for computation.
Buyer Total Fees : If you're working with a budget and want to know how many shares you can buy, check out this calculator. Wondering how much you'll get if you buy stocks? Have this calculator run the numbers for you.
Seller Total Fees : Need some cash but don't know exactly how many shares you'll have to unload? Or want to figure out how much your net proceeds will be when you sell stocks? Let this fees calculator do the work.
Investment Matchmaker : Thinking about how to spread your money among money market placements, stocks, bonds and other investment vehicles? Take this pop quiz to get a recommendation on an investment mix that matches your risk profile and financial objectives.
Return On Investment : How much have I made? Find out your return on investment given the holding period, acquisition cost, dividend payouts and selling price.
Average Cost : Should I buy at this price? This tool will help determine your average cost for stocks bought on different days and at different prices.

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